PRYSMIAN: A worldwide player

A leading player in the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications, Prysmian Group is a truly global company, with sales of some ˆ8 billion in 2011.

With its strong position in the market segments characterised by the highest added value, the Group is active in the development, design, manufacturing, supply and installation of a wide range of cables for the most diverse applications in the energy and telecommunication sectors.

Specialising in the delivery of products and services designed to specific customer requirements, the key strengths that are the hallmark of Prysmian Group include: close focus on Research & Development, the capacity to be innovative with both products and production processes and the use of advanced proprietary technologies.

Support services

With the aim of ensuring improved customer service, Prysmian Group is also working on the development of an increasing number of support services, such as the periodic monitoring of installed cables and systems (partly to avoid possible malfunctions and to ensure prompt repairs of any defective or damaged parts, to prevent emergencies and optimise maintenance).

Customer service quality

Prysmian Group is strongly committed to making ongoing improvements to its logistics and distribution services. Prompt and reliable deliveries as well as product availability are part of Prysmian Group success, and an important element in ensuring customer satisfaction. Prysmian Group has concentrated its efforts on further improving its services in terms of efficiency, flexibility, reliability and speed. Consistent with this strategy every year Prysmian Group awards those manufacturing facilities that have achieved the best performance in terms of customer service. The company also works to continuously improve customer satisfaction, and in the recent years it initiated the "Supply Chain Partnership” project to consolidating partnership relationships with its customers via cooperation extended throughout the supply chain: from integrated demand management to cooperative planning to reverse logistics, with a special focus on the environmental impact of managing and retrieving packaging.

Research & Development

Prysmian Group considers its Research & Development activities to be fundamental for the company's growth. A large number of registered patents and ongoing investments are proof of the company's commitment and success in this area. The recognised quality and reliability of its products, and the reduction in the cost of materials and processes are other important objectives achieved through Prysmian Group constant investments in Research.

Global presence keeps Prysmian Group close to its customers

With its two business divisions, Energy Cables and Systems (cables and systems for underground and submarine power transmission and for underground power distribution) and Telecom Cables and Systems (optical fibre, fibre optic and copper cables and connectivity systems for telecommunications and data communications), Prysmian Group boasts a global presence with subsidiaries in 50 countries, 97 plants, 17 Research & Development centres worldwide, and about 22,000 employees. The widespread and diverse geographical distribution of its manufacturing facilities enables Prysmian Group to respond to the varying requests and requirements of customers and the market with the utmost speed.

The "Giulio Verne" vessel

The Giulio Verne, Prysmian Group’s own high-tech cable-laying vessel, represents one of the most important assets of the Group. It is one of the few ships in the industry with advanced technological features capable of installing submarine power cable systems at depths of up to 2,000 meters and in any kind of environmental conditions.

Prysmian Group - Linking the future

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