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2M KABLO believes in continuous improvement and customer oriented service approach, and is well known in the cable industry with these aspects and has been a symbol of quality, confidence and success.

2M CABLE was established in 1993 in Istanbul and as of 2011 is operating on a 9350 m2 factory building. 2M KABLO has a staff of experts who are open to innovation and growth. There are sales offices in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Izmir and a sales office and warehouse in Moscow since 2005.

Since establishment, low-voltage cables are produced with the brand "2MKAB" and later the audio - video cables are collected under the brand "LOOKAB" and the fire-resistant cables under the brand "FireKab".

Our main product groups

Coaxial cables, signal/control cables, composite and CCTV cables, halogen-free fire-resistant cables, fire alarm cables, telephone cables, audio - video cables, data/communication cables, instrumentation cables and marine cables. With a wide range of products 2M KABLO plays an active role in the cable industry and has products according to national and international standards as well as specific designs based on specific customer requests.

Quality, Laboratory, and the System

2M KABLO has two ISO 9001:2008 certificates from WSC and LPCB and product certificates from TSE, TSEK, GOST (Russia), Russian fire, LPCB (British) and VDE (German). 2M KABLO uses modern test equipments and has own laboratory to conduct all tests required by the product standards. Some of these tests are corrosive gas measurement and smoke density tests, tests of fire resistance, UV resistance, oxygen index, oil resistance tests and other electrical and physical tests.

Since 2004, purchasing, planning, production, sales, warehousing, customer relationship processes are monitored by means of a specially designed for the industry ERP software. This brings easier, faster and error-free control and recording for a total quality control. The ERP software has been further strengthened with the Icron software which contributes greatly to the effective planning and cost management. In order to increase the quality of customer service, for domestic customers, a free customer hot line is active since 2007. In addition, 2M KABLO is committed to respond to customer complaints within 72 hours.

Since 2010, 2M KABLO started the "Lean Production Project" in order to cope with the waste of time and energy during production.The 5S activities were completed in 2011 and has started to give results too. In addition to these, OHSAS 18001 studies were completed in 2011.


2M KABLO has quick delivery and response times; consistent, competent and reliable customer representation; quality products and the advantage of flexibility for the needs of the changing industry. In 2M KABLO the keys to success are continuous training and research, giving importance to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Sales Points

2M KABLO sells 60% of the production to all regions in Turkey through its strong network of dealers. 2M KABLO exports 40% of the production to Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and the Turkic Republics. Some of the areas of sales are construction, oil, gas, petrochemical plants, power plant projects, automation, fire and security, satellite, publishing, intelligent buildings, stadiums, tunnel construction, industrial facilities, stage, sound and video systems.

Because of the success of exports in 2008, 2M KABLO was awarded a prize of "The most successful exporter" by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 2009.

2M KABLO product users from around the world are insured with a "product liability insurance" against material and physical damages caused by faulty produced goods for up to 10.000.000 Euros.

Social Responsibility

Since 2006 2M KABLO has been supplying scholarships to students who are successful yet lack financial sufficiency so that they can continue with their education and become an individual with benefits to the society. Educational materials are donated to primary schools and technical materials are donated to technical schools, too. 2M KABLO, who is aware that the biggest investment is the one on human beings and is sensitive to the social environment, prefers the promotion materials of UNICEF who helps children in the world for their food, education and protection needs and has activities regarding childrens rights.


We have 3 brand names that we use in the domestic and international markets.


Our first brand 2MKAB  was registered in 1994. This brand has international brand registration and is the biggest part in our export sales. The product groups are:
2MKAB      Coaxial  cables
2MKAB      Control cables
2MKAB      Instrumentation cables
2MKAB      Data communication cables
2MKAB      Composite and CCTV cables
2MKAB      Bus cables
2MKAB       Fire alarm and indoor telephone cables
2MKAB       PUR / Silicon Cables


2M KABLO gathered the fire resistant cable products under the brand  FireKab    in 2006 and in a short time gained an important export sales with this product group. Our product groups with this brand are:
FireKab      Fire Resistant Control Cables
FireKab      Fire Resistant Instrumentation cables
FireKab      Fire Resistant Security cables
FireKab      Fire Resistant Data cables
FireKab      Fire Resistant Coaxial cables


2M KABLO started production of audio video cables from 1998 and in 2005 registered the brand:  LOOKAB    for this product group.  The brand covers the below product groups:
LOOKAB     Microphone Cables
LOOKAB     Installation Cables
LOOKAB     Multicore Cables
LOOKAB     Lighting Cables
LOOKAB     Speaker Cables
LOOKAB     Power-Cord  Cables
LOOKAB     Video Cables
LOOKAB     RGB  Cables

As main specialization full-service oilfield supply company AZ Supplier offers distribution services for all products of 2M KABLO in territory of Kazakhstan.


AZ Supplier is holder of exclusive Distributorships with famous worldwide branded manufacturers in Kazakhstan. Major Oil field product brands that we supply:
Elora Eland Cables 2M Kablo Cooper Crouse Osram DNH Warom Group Draeger Safety Telwin The Harris Emerson ABB SKF Weidmuller Prysmian Schischek Brady Schneider Electric DuraLabel & etc.


Main Product Lines of our typical regular refinery, petrochemical, industrial gas & oil field equipment supply

Equipment & Parts We Supply

Wide range of Industrial, Oil and Gas field Equipment & parts we regularly supply

Kazakhstan Warehouse

Supply from the ready stock in Kazakhstan


Company Profile - Supplies from A to Z

General Information about AZ Supplier

Main SpecializationMain Specialization

The main specialization of the company AZ Supplier LLP Kazakhstan is supply chain management.

Quality ControlQuality Control

High Quality Control Services

Health & SafetyHealth & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety


Commercial Project Supplies

Oilfield Commercial Equipment and Project Supplies - AZ Supplier supplies for drilling and exploration projects with a wide range of office, camp, electrical and electronics equipment.

Emergency Project Supplies

AZ Supplier quotes promptly and supplies immediately for Emergency & Critical Project Requirement. We specialize in the supply of urgent, critical and emergency material requirements for Oil & Gas Drilling and Exploration, Pipeline Projects, Refining and Transportation, etc.

Project Support Services

Supplies, Support and Services for Oil & Gas Energy Projects